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Crustacea / Mollusks    [top]
  • Goetz DW, Whisman BA (2000) Occupational asthma in a seafood restaurant worker: cross-reactivity of shrimp and scallops Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:461-6
Egg / Milk    [top]
  • Kovacs-Nolan J, Zhang JW, Hayakawa S, Mine Y (2000) Immunochemical and structural analysis of pepsin-digested egg white ovomucoid J Agric Food Chem 48:6261-6
  • Schade RP, Van Ieperen-Van Dijk AG, Van Reijsen FC, Versluis C, Kimpen JL, Knol EF, Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA, Van Hoffen E (2000) Differences in antigen-specific T-cell responses between infants with atopic dermatitis with and without cow's milk allergy: Relevance of TH2 cytokines J Allergy Clin Immunol 106(6):1155-62
  • Ulanova M, Torebring M, Porcelli SA, Bengtsson U, Magnusson J, Magnusson O, Lin XP, Hanson LÅ, Telemo E (2000) Expression of CD1d in the Duodenum of Patients with Cow's Milk Hypersensitivity Scand J Immunol 52:609-17
Epidermals / Animal Proteins   [top]
  • Phipatanakul W, Eggleston PA, Wright EC, Wood RA, National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (2000) Mouse allergen. I. The prevalence of mouse allergen in inner-city homes J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1070-4
  • Phipatanakul W, Eggleston PA, Wright EC, Wood RA, National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (2000) Mouse allergen. II. The relationship of mouse allergen exposure to mouse sensitization and asthma morbidity in inner-city children with asthma J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1075-80
Fish / Fowl / Meat   [top]
House Dust / Mites   [top]
  • Holloway JA, Warner JO, Vance GHS, Diaper ND, Warner JA, Jones CA (2000) Research letters: Detection of house-dust-mite allergen in amniotic fluid and umbilical-cord blood Lancet 356(9245):1900
  • Kim YK, Park HW, Park HS, Kim HY, Kim SH, Bai JM, Cho SH, Kim YY, Min KU (2000) Sensitivity to citrus red mite and the development of asthma Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:483-8
Insects / Venoms   [top]
  • Annila I (2000) Bee venom allergy [review] Clin Exp Allergy 30:1682-7
  • Goldberg A, Confino-Cohen R (2000) Insect sting-inflicted systemic reactions: Attitudes of patients with insect venom allergy regarding after-sting behavior and proper administration of epinephrine J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1184-9
  • Siegmund R, Vogelsang H, Machnik A, Herrmann D (2000) Surface membrane antigen alteration on blood basophils in patients with Hymenoptera venom allergy under immunotherapy J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1190-5
  • Wu CH, Lee MF, Wang  NM (2000) Expression of the American cockroach Per a 1 allergen in mammalian cells Allergy 55:1179-83
Mushroom / Mould / Microflora / Yeast / Parasites   [top]
  • Buentke E, Zargari A, Heffler LC, Avila-Cariño J, Savolainen J, Scheynius A (2000) Uptake of the yeast Malassezia furfur and its allergenic components by human immature CD1a+ dendritic cells Clin Exp Allergy 30:1759-70
  • Khan DA, Cody DT, George TJ, Gleich GJ, Leiferman KM (2000) Allergic fungal sinusitis: An immunohistologic analysis J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1096-1101
  • Lee SK, Kim SS, Nahm DH, Park HS, Oh YJ, Park KJ, Kim SO, Kim SJ (2000)Hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by Fusarium napiforme in a home environment Allergy 55:1190-3
  • Pessi T, Sütas Y, Hurme M, Isolauri E (2000) Interleukin-10 generation in atopic children following oral Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG Clin Exp Allergy 30:1804-8
  • Rodero M, Cuéllar C (2000) Anisakis antigen interferes in IL-4 analysis Allergy 55:1202-3
Fruit / Vegetables / Latex   [top]
  • Matheu V, Zapatero L, Alcázar M, Martínez-Molero MI, Baeza ML (2000) IgE-mediated reaction to a banana-flavored drug additive [letter] J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1202
  • Nielsen PS, Nissen D, Skov PS, Cieslewicz G, Markov A, Babakhin A, Zakirova I, T Gots T, DuBuske LM, Sheffer A, Nolte H (2000) Assessment of IgE allergen specificity among latex-allergic health care workers: review of IgE-binding components of various latex extracts Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:489-94
  • Niggemann B, Buck D, Michael T, Haberl H, Wahn U (2000) Latex allergy in spina bifida: At the turning point? [letter] J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1201
Cereals / Grass Pollen / Tree Pollen   [top]
  • Aceituno E, Del Pozo V, Mínguez A, Arrieta I, Cortegano I, Cárdaba B, Gallardo S, Rojo M, Palomino P, Lahoz C (2000) Molecular cloning of major allergen from Cupressus arizonica pollen: Cup a 1 Clin Exp Allergy 30:1750-8
  • Mitakakis TZ, Tovey ER, Xuan W, Marks GB (2000) Personal exposure to allergenic pollen and mould spores in inland New South Wales, Australia Clin Exp Allergy 30:1733-9
  • Roubroeks, JP Skjåk-Bræk G, Ryan L, Christensen BE (2000) Molecular Weight Dependency on the Production of the TNF Stimulated by Fractions of rye (1->3),(1->4)-beta-D-Glucan Scand J Immunol 52:584-7
  • Vrtala S, Akdis CA, Budak F, Akdis M, Blaser K, Kraft D, Valenta R (2000) T cell epitope-containing hypoallergenic recombinant fragments of the major birch pollen allergen, Bet v 1, induce blocking antibodies J Immunol 165 6653-9
Legumes / Seeds / Nuts   [top]
  • Mueller U, Luettkopf D, Hoffmann A, Petersen A, Becker WM, Schocker F, Niggemann B, Altmann F, Kolarich D, Haustein D, Vieths S (2000) Allergens in raw and roasted hazelnuts (Corylus avellana) and their cross-reactivity to pollen Eur Food Res Technol 212(1):2-12
  • Sampson HA (2000) What should we be doing for children with peanut allergy? [editorial] J Pediatr 137:741-3
  • Sicherer SH (2000) New insights on the natural history of peanut allergy [editorial] Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:435-7
  • Spergel JM, Beausoleil JL, Pawlowski NA (2000) Resolution of childhood peanut allergy Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:473-6
  • Vander Leek TK, Liu AH, Stefanski K, Blacker B, Bock SA (2000) The natural history of peanut allergy in young children and its association with serum peanut-specific IgE J Pediatr 137(6):749-55
Herbs / Spice   [top]
Chemicals / Drugs / Food Additives / Environmental Contaminants   [top]
  • Becker JM, Iskandrian S, Conkling J (2000) Fatal and near-fatal asthma in children exposed to fireworks Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:512-3
  • de Paramo BJ, Quirce Gancedo S, Cuevas M, Perez Camo I, Martin JA, Losada Cosmes E (2000) Paracetamol (acetaminophen) hypersensitivity Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:508-11
  • Diaz-Sanchez D, Penichet-Garcia M, Saxon A (2000) Diesel exhaust particles directly induce activated mast cells to degranulate and increase histamine levels and symptom severity J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1140-6
  • Koster R, Vieluf D, Kiehn M, Sommerauer M, Kahler J, Baldus S, Meinertz T, Hamm CW (2000) Early report: Nickel and molybdenum contact allergies in patients with coronary in-stent restenosis Lancet 356(9245):1895
  • Lewis SA, Corden JM, Forster GE, Newlands M (2000) Combined effects of aerobiological pollutants, chemical pollutants and meteorological conditions on asthma admissions and A & E attendances in Derbyshire UK, 1993-96 Clin Exp Allergy 30:1724-32
  • Pierzchalska M, Mastalerz L, Sanak M, Zazula M, Szczeklik A (2000) A moderate and unspecific release of cysteinyl leukotrienes by aspirin from peripheral blood leucocytes precludes its value for aspirin sensitivity testing in asthma Clin Exp Allergy 30:1785-91
  • Ramadour M, Burel C, Lanteaume A, Vervloet D, Dutau H, Charpin D, Brisse F  (2000) Prevalence of asthma and rhinitis in relation to long-term exposure to gaseous air pollutants Allergy 55:1163-9
  • Romano A, Mayorga C, Torres MJ, Artesani MC, Suau R, Sánchez F, Pérez E, Venuti A, Blanca M (2000) Immediate allergic reactions to cephalosporins: Cross-reactivity and selective responses J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1177-83
  • Uter W, Geier J, Fuchs T, for the IVDK study group (2000) Contact allergy to polidocanol, 1992 to 1999 [letter] J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1203
Allergic Diseases  [top]
  • Bergmann RL, Edenharter G, Bergmann KE, Lau S, Wahn U (2000) Socioeconomic status is a risk factor for allergy in parents but not in their children Clin Exp Allergy 30:1740-5
  • Bielory L (2000) Allergic and immunologic disorders of the eye. Part II: Ocular allergy [review] J Allergy Clin Immunol 106:1019-32
  • Mallol J, Solé D, Asher I, Clayton T, Stein R, Soto-Quiroz M (2000) Prevalence of asthma symptoms in Latin America: The international study of asthma and allergies in childhood (ISAAC) Ped Pulmunol 30:439-44
Diagnostic / Immunologic Parameters   [top]
  • Bettiol J, Bartsch P, Louis R, De Groote D, Gevaerts Y, Louis E, Malaise M (2000) Cytokine production from peripheral whole blood in atopic and nonatopic asthmatics: relationship with blood and sputum eosinophilia and serum IgE levels Allergy 55:1134-41
  • Gergen PJ, Turkeltaub PC, Sempos CT (2000) Is allergen skin test reactivity a predictor of mortality? Findings from a national cohort Clin Exp Allergy 30:1717-23
Management of Allergic Diseases / Therapeutic Approach   [top]
  • Caffarelli C, Sensi LG, Marcucci F, Cavagni G (2000) Preseasonal local allergoid immunotherapy to grass pollen in children: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial Allergy 55:1142-7
  • Graham DM, Blaiss MS (2000) Complementary/alternative medicine in the treatment of asthma [review] Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:438-49
  • Janssen EM, van Oosterhout AJM, Nijkamp FP, van Eden W, Wauben MHM (2000) The Efficacy of Immunotherapy in an Experimental Murine Model of Allergic Asthma Is Related to the Strength and Site of T Cell Activation During Immunotherapy J Immunol 165:7207-14
General Topics / Other   [top]
  • Devenney I, Fälth-Magnusson K (2000) Skin prick tests may give generalized allergic reactions in infants Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:457-60
  • Helm RM, Burks AW (2000) Mechanisms of food allergy Curr Opin Immunol 12(6):647-53
  • Parvaneh S, Ahlf E, Elfman LHM, van Hage-Hamsten M, Elfman L, Nybom R (2000)A new method for collecting airborne allergens Allergy 55:1148-54
  • Reese G, Lehrer SB (2000) Food allergen cross-reactivity and clinical significance [editorial] Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 85:431-3
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