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Food Allergens
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Food Allergies
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Crustacea / Mollusks    [top]
Egg / Milk    [top]
  • Beyer K, Castro R, Birnbaum A, Benkov K, Pittman N, Sampson HA (2002)Human milk-specific mucosal lymphocytes of the gastrointestinal tract display a TH2 cytokine profile J Allergy Clin Immunol 109:707-13
  • Beyer K, Castro R, Feidel C, Sampson HA (2002) Milk-induced urticaria is associated with the expansion of T cells expressing cutaneous lymphocyte antigen J Allergy Clin Immunol 109:688-93
  • Kokkonen J, Tikkanen S, Karttunen TJ, Savilahti E (2002) A similar high level of immunoglobulin A and immunoglobulin G class milk antibodies and increment of local lymphoid tissue on the duodenal mucosa in subjects with cow's milk allergy and recurrent abdominal pains Pediatric Allergy Immunol 13:129-36
  • Mine Y, Zhang JW (2002) Comparative Studies on Antigenicity and Allergenicity of Native and Denatured Egg White Proteins J Agric Food Chem 50:2679-83
Epidermals / Animal Proteins   [top]
  • Saarelainen S, Zeiler T, Rautiainen J, Narvanen A, Rytkonen-Nissinen M, Mantyjarvi R, Vilja P, Virtanen T (2002) Lipocalin allergen Bos d 2 is a weak immunogen Int Immunol 14:401-9
Fish / Fowl / Meat   [top]
Mushroom / Mould / Microflora / Yeast / Parasites   [top]
Fruit / Vegetables / Latex   [top]
  • Ballmer-Weber BK, Hoffmann A, Wüthrich B, Lüttkopf D, Pompei C, Wangorsch A, Kstner M, Vieths S (2002) Influence of food processing on the allergenicity of celery: DBPCFC with celery spice and cooked celery in patients with celery allergy Allergy 57:228-35
  • Enrique E (2002) Platanus acerifolia pollinosis and food allergy Allergy 57:351-6
  • Florido Lopez JF, Quiralte Enriquez J, Arias de Saavedra Alas JM, Saenz de San Pedro B, Martin Casaez E (2002) An allergen from Olea europaea pollen (Ole e 7) is associated with plant-derived food anaphylaxis Allergy 57(Suppl.71):53-9
  • Hourihane JO'B, Allard JM, Wade AM, McEwan AI, Strobel S (2002) Impact of repeated surgical procedures on the incidence and prevalence of latex allergy: A prospective study of 1263 children J Pediatr 140:479-82
  • Kondo Y, Tokuda R, UrisuA, Matsuda T (2002) Assessment of cross-reactivity between Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) pollen and tomato fruit extracts by RAST inhibition and immunoblot inhibition Clin Exp Allergy 32:590-4
  • Kwaasi AAA, Harfi HA, Parhar RS, Saleh S, Collison KS, Panzani RC, Al-Sedairy ST, Al-Mohanna FA (2002) Cross-reactivities between date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) polypeptides and foods implicated in the oral allergy syndrome Allergy 57:508-18
  • Poulos LM, O'Meara TJ, Hamilton RG, Tovey ER (2002) Inhaled latex allergen (Hev b 1) J Allergy Clin Immunol 109:701-6
  • Raulf-Heimsoth M, Stark R, Sander I, Maryska S, Rihs HP, Bruning T, Voshaar T (2002) Anaphylactic reaction to apple juice containing acerola: Cross-reactivity to latex due to prohevein J Allergy Clin Immunol 109:715
  • Sapan N, Nacarkucuk E, Canitez Y, Saglam H (2002) Evaluation of the need for routine preoperative latex allergy tests in children Pediatr Int 44:157-62
  • Sutherland MF, Drew A, Rolland JM, Slater JE, Suphioglu C, O'Hehir RE (2002) Specific monoclonal antibodies and human immunoglobulin E show that Hev b 5 is an abundant allergen in high protein powdered latex gloves Clin Exp Allergy 32:583-9
Cereals  [top]
Legumes / Seeds / Nuts   [top]
  • Dalal I, Binson I, Reifen R, Amitai Z, Shohat T, Rahmani S, Levine A, Ballin A, Somekh E (2002) Food allergy is a matter of geography after all: sesame as a major cause of severe IgE-mediated food allergic reactions among infants and young children in Israel Allergy 57:362-5
  • Sicherer SH (2002) Clinical update on peanut allergy Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 88:350-63
Herbs / Spice   [top]
Food Additives / Environmental Contaminants   [top]
Allergic Diseases  [top]
  • Macdougall CF, Cant AJ, Colver AF (2002) How dangerous is food allergy in childhood? The incidence of severe and fatal allergic reactions across the UK and Ireland Arch Dis Child 86:236-9
  • Vartiainen E, Petys T, Haahtela T, Jousilahti P, Pekkanen J (2002) Allergic diseases, skin prick test responses, and IgE levels in North Karelia, Finland, and the Republic of Karelia, Russia J Allergy Clin Immunol 109:643-8
  • von Linstow ML, Porsbjerg C, Ulrik CS, Nepper-Christensen S, Backer V (2002) Prevalence and predictors of atopy among young Danish adults Clin Exp Allergy 32:520-5
Diagnostic / Immunologic Parameters   [top]
  • Bibi H, Shoseyov D, Feigenbaum D, Nir P, Shiachi R, Scharff S, Peled R (2002) Comparison of positive allergy skin tests among asthmatic children from rural and urban areas living within small geographic area Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 88:416-20
  • Eysink PED, Bindels PJE, Stapel SO, Bottema BJAM, Van Der Zee JS, Aalberse RC (2002) Do levels of immunoglobulin G antibodies to foods predict the development of immunoglobulin E antibodies to cat, dog and/or mite? Clin Exp Allergy 32:556-62
  • Kazemi-Shirazi L, Niederberger V, Linhart B, Lidholm J, Kraft D, Valenta R (2002) Recombinant Marker Allergens: Diagnostic Gatekeepers for the Treatment of Allergy [review] Int Arch Allergy Immunol 127:259-68
  • Rhodius R, Wickens K, Cheng S, Crane J (2002) A comparison of two skin test methodologies and allergens from two different manufacturers Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 88:374-9
Management of Allergic Diseases / Therapeutic Approach   [top]
  • Gruber C, Niggemann B (2002) A practical approach to immunization in atopic children [review] Allergy 57:472-9
  • Shida K, Takahashi R, Iwadate E, Takamizawa K, Yasui H, Sato T, Habu S, Hachimura S, Kaminogawa S (2002) Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota suppresses serum immunoglobulin E and immunoglobulin G1 responses and systemic anaphylaxis in a food allergy model Clin Exp Allergy 32:563-70
General Topics / Other   [top]
  • Ibero M, Castillo MJ, Pineda F, Palacios R, Martinez J (2002) Whole bee for diagnosis of honey allergy Allergy 57:557
  • Incorvaia C, Asero R, Bertelli G, Pilone R, Nitti F (2002) Efficacy of a questionnaire for allergy Allergy 57:367
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