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Crustacea / Mollusks
Reese G, Ayuso R, Carle T, Lehrer SB (1999) 
IgE-Binding Epitopes of Shrimp Tropomyosin, the Major Allergen Pen a 1
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:300-1
Egg / Milk
Li X, Schofield BH, Huang C-K, Kleiner GI, Sampson HA (1999) 
A murine model of IgE-mediated cow's milk hypersensitivity
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:206-214
Pecquet S, Pfeifer A, Gauldie S, Fritsche R (1999)
Immunoglobulin E suppression and cytokine modulation in mice orally tolerized to beta-lactoglobulin
Immunology 96:278-285
Epidermals / Animal Proteins
Calvert JE, Baldwin CI, Allen A, Todd A, Bourke SJ (1999) 
Pigeon fanciers' lung: a complex disease?
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):166-175
Sakaguchi M, Hori H Ebihara T, Irie S, Yanagida M, Inouye S (1999)
Reactivity of the immunoglobulin E in bovine gelatin-sensitive children to gelatins from various animals
Immunology 96:286-290
Vaughan JW, McLaughlin TE, Perzanowski MS, Platts-Mills TAE (1999) 
Evaluation of materials used for bedding encasement: Effect of pore size in blocking cat and dust mite allergen 
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:227-31
Zeiler T, Mäntyjärvi R, Rautiainen J, Rytkönen-Nissinen M, Vilja P, Taivainen A, Kauppinen J, Virtanen T (1999) 
T Cell Epitopes of a Lipocalin Allergen Colocalize with the Conserved Regions of the Molecule
J Immunol 162:1415-1422
Fish / Fowl / Meat
Bugajska-Schretter A, Pastore A, Vangelista L, Rumpold H, Valenta R, Spitzauer S (1999) 
Molecular and Immunological Characterization of Carp Parvalbumin, a Major Fish Allergen
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:306-8
House Dust / Mites
Carswell F, Oliver J, Weeks J (1999) 
Do mite avoidance measures affect mite and cat airborne allergens?
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):193-200
Gruber W, Eber E, Mileder P, Modl M, Weinhandl E, Zach MS (1999) 
Effect of specific immunotherapy with house dust mite extract on the bronchial responsiveness of paediatric asthma patients
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):176-181
Hoyne GF, Dallman MJ, Lamb JR (1999) 
Linked Suppression in Peripheral T Cell Tolerance to the House Dust Mite Derived Allergen Der p 1
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:122-124
Kim YK, Son JW, Kim HY, Park HS, Lee MH, Cho SH, Min KU, Kim YY (1999) 
New occupational allergen in citrus farmers: citrus red mite (Panonychus citri)
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 82:223
Rains N, Siebers R, Crane J, Fitzharris  P (1999) 
House dust mite allergen (Der p 1) accumulation on new synthetic and feather pillows
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):182-185
Torres-Galvan MJ, Quiralte J, Blanco C, Castillo R, Carrillo T, Perez-Aciego P, Sanchez-arcia F (1999) 
Linkage of house dust mite allergy with the HLA region
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 82:198-204
Insects / Venoms
Pierkes M, Bellinghausen I, Hultsch T, Metz G, Knop J, Saloga J (1999) 
Decreased release of histamine and sulfidoleukotrienes by human peripheral blood leukocytes after wasp venom immunotherapy is partially due to induction of IL-10 and IFN-gamma production of T cells
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:326-32
Wang NM, Lee MF, Wu CH (1999) 
Immunologic characterization of a recombinant American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Per a 1 (Cr-PII) allergen
Allergy 54:119-27 
Mushroom / Mould / Yeast / Parasites
Appenzeller U, Meyer C, Menz G, Blaser K, Crameri R (1999) 
IgE-Mediated Reactions to Autoantigens in Allergic Diseases
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:193-196 [Allergen homology to Aspergillus fumigatus]
Brander KA, Pichler WJ, Helbling A (1999) 
Isolation of Basidiomycete Allergens
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:302-3
Katz Y, Verleger H, Barr J, Rachmiel M, Kiviti S, Kuttin ES (1999) 
Indoor survey of moulds and prevalence of mould atopy in Israel
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):186-192
Fruit / Vegetables / Latex
Breiteneder H, Sowka S, Wagner S, Krebitz M, Hafner C, Kinaciyan T, Yeang HY, Scheiner O (1999) 
Cloning of the Patatin-Like Latex Allergen Hev  b 7, Its Expression in the Yeast Pichia pastoris and Its Immunological Characterization
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:309-10
Chiu A, Kelly K, Thomason J, Otte T, Mullins D, Fink J (1999) 
Recurrent vaginitis as a manifestation of inhaled latex allergy 
Allergy 54:184-5
Escudero AI, Bartolomé B, Sánchez-Guerrero IM, Palacios P (1999) 
Letuce and chicory sensitisation 
Allergy 54:183-4 
Sánchez G, Vila L, Sanz ML, I. Diéguez I, Oehling A (1999) 
Antigenspezifische Sulphidoleukotrien-Produktion bei Patienten mit Latexallergie
Allergologie 22:139-143
Scheiner O, Wagner B, Wagner S, Krebitz M, Crameri R, Niggemann B, Yeang HY, Ebner C, Breiteneder H (1999) 
Cloning and Molecular Characterization of Hev b 3, a Spina-bifida-Associated Allergen from Hevea Brasiliensis Latex
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:311-2
Grains / Grass Pollen / Tree Pollen
Brito FF, Martínez A, Palacios R, Mur P, Gómez E, Galindo PA, Borja J, Martínez J (1999) 
Rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma caused by vine pollen: A case report
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:262-6
Burton MD, Blaher B, Suphioglu C, O'Hehir RE, Carbone FR, Rolland JM (1999) 
T-cell receptor contact and MHC binding residues of a major rye grass pollen allergen T-cell epitope
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:255-61
Cirkovic TD, Bukilica MN, Gavrovic MD, Vujcic ZM, Petrovic S, Jankov RM (1999) 
Physichochemical and immunological characterization of low-molecular weight allergoids of Dactylis glomerata pollen proteins 
Allergy 54:128-34
Eibensteiner P, Denépoux S, Steinberger P, Kraft D, Visco V, Banchereau J, Lebecque S, Valenta R (1999) 
Expression of a Human IgG4 Antibody, BAB2, with Specificity for the Major Birch Pollen Allergen, Bet v 1 in Escherichia coli: Recombinant BAB2 Fabs Enhance the Allergic Reaction
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:190-192
Ferreira F, Engel E, Briza P, Richter K, Ebner C, Breitenbach M (1999) 
Characterization of Recombinant Bet v 4, a Birch Pollen Allergen with Two EF-Hand Calcium-Binding Domains
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:304-5
Johnson A, Dittrick M, Chan-Yeung M (1999) 
Occupational asthma caused by honey 
Allergy 54:189 
Lehrer SB, Reese G, Malo JL, Lahoud C, Leong-Kee S, Goldberg B, Carle T, Ebisawa M (1999) 
Corn Allergens: IgE Antibody  Reactivity and Cross-Reactivity with Rice, Soy, and Peanut
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:298-9
van Neerven RJJ, Wissenbach M, Ipsen H, Bufe A, Arnved J, Würtzen PA (1999) 
Differential Recognition of Recombinant Phl p 5 Isoallergens by Phl p 5-Specific T Cells
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:125-128
Troncone R, Maurano F, Rossi M, Micillo M, Greco L, Auricchio R, Salerno G, Salvatore F, Sacchetti L (1999) 
IgA antibodies to tissue transglutaminase: An effective diagnostic test for celiac disease
J Pediatr 134:166-71
Bannon GA, Shin D, Maleki S, Kopper R, Burks AW (1999) 
Tertiary Structure and Biophysical Properties of a Major Peanut Allergen, Implications for the Production of a Hypoallergenic Protein
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:315-6
Burks AW, King N, Bannon GA (1999) 
Modification of a Major Peanut Allergen Leads to Loss of IgE Binding
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:313-4
Rabjohn P, Helm EM, Stanley JS, West CM, Sampson HA, Burks AW, Bannon GA (1999) 
Molecular cloning and epitope analysis of the peanut allergen Ara h 3
J Clin Invest 103:535-42
Seeds / Nuts
Chemicals / Drugs / Food Additives
Bentrop I, Gall H, Beyer AV, Peter RU (1999) 
Airborne contact cermatitis due to methylchloro- and methylisothiazolinone in paint
Allergo J 8:39-40 (in german)
Kampen GT, Poulsen LK, Nielsen HJ, Schulze S, Petersen LJ (1999) 
IgE levels in surgery: effect of ranitidine and prednisolone 
Allergy 54:171-6 
Kivity S, Pawlik I, Katz Y (1999) 
Acetaminophen hypersensitivity 
Allergy 54:187-8
Lluch-Bernal M, Fernandez M, Herrera-Pombo JL, Sastre J (1999) 
Insulin lispro, an alternative in insulin hypersensitivity 
Allergy 54:186
Nakayama T, Aizawa C, Kuno-Sakai H (1999) 
A clinical analysis of gelatin allergy and determination of its causal relationship to the previous administration of gelatin-containing acellular pertussis vaccine combined with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:321-5
Ohsaki M, Tsutsumi H, Kumagai T, Yamanaka T, Wataya Y, Furukawa H, Kojima H,  Saito A, Yano S, Chiba S (1999) 
The relevance of TH1 and TH2 cells in immediate and nonimmediate reactions to gelatin-containing vaccine
J Allergy Clin Immunol 103:
Environmental Contaminants
Wichmann G, Raabe F, Metzner G (1999) 
Modulation der In-vitro-Zytokinproduktion durch aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe: Hinweise auf eine Beteiligung von Umweltschadstoffen an der Allergieentstehung
Allergologie 22:101-107
General Topics / Other
Several Abstracts (1999) related to:
Food Allergy, Atopic Dermatitis / Epidemiology of Atopic Conditions / IgE: Roles, Regulation, Receptors / Factors Affecting Atopy, Allergic Responses, and Airway Function / Current Treatment Modalities for Rhinitis and Asthma / Diagnostic Methodologies / Th1/Th2 Regulation / Risk Factors for Atopy and Specific Sensitization / Regulation of Cellular Activation
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118(2-4)
Bottini N, Ronchetti MP, Gloria-Bottini F, Fontana L (1999) 
Malaria as a possible evolutionary cause of allergy 
Allergy 54:188-9 
de Bruin-Weller MS, Weller FR, de Monchy JGR(1999) 
Repeated allergen challenge as a new research model for studying allergic reactions
Clin ExpAllergy 29(2):159-165
Grunebaum E, Lavi S (1999) 
The role of food and inhaled allergens in atopic dermatitis
J Cutan Med Surg  3 Suppl 2:S2-24-S2-28
Herr TM, Cook PR, Highfill G (1999) 
In vitro testing in pediatric food allergy
Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 120(2):233-7
Jardieu PM, Fick RB Jr (1999) 
IgE Inhibition as a Therapy for Allergic Disease
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:112-115
Kim HY, DH Nahm, HS Park, DC Choi (1999) 
Occupational asthma and IgE sensitization to cellulase in a textile industry worker
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 82:174-8
Kraft D, Ferreira F, Vrtala S, Breiteneder H, Ebner C, Valenta R, Susani M, Breitenbach M, Scheiner O(1999) 
The Importance of Recombinant  Allergens for Diagnosis and Therapy of IgE-Mediated Allergies
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:171-176
Laffer S, Hogbom E, Adrianson J, Grönlund H, Sillaber C, Valent P, Vangelista L, Kricek F, Kraft D, Valenta R (1999) 
An in vitro Model for the  Allergen-IgE-Fc-epsilon RI Interaction
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:116-118
Ortega N, Quiralte J, Blanco C, Castillo R, Alvarez MJ, Carrillo T (1999) 
Tobacco allergy: demonstration of crossreactivity with other members of Solanaceae family and mugwort pollen
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 82:194-7
Patalano F (1999) 
Injection of anti-IgE antibodies will suppress IgE and allergic symptoms 
Allergy 54:103-10
Simola M, E Holopainene, H Malmberg (1999) 
Changes in skin and nasal sensitivity to allergens and the course of rhinitis; a long-term follow-up study
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 82:152-6
Stadler BM, Zürcher AW, Miescher S, Kricek F, Vogel M (1999) 
Mimotope and Anti-Idiotypic Vaccines to Induce an Anti-IgE Response
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:119-121
Van Cauwenberge P, Watelet JB, Verhoye C, Wang D, Bachert C (1999) 
The clinical expression of allergy in the nose 
Allergy 54:93-102 
Wiedermann U, Jahn-Schmid B, Repa A, Kraft D, Ebner C (1999) 
Modulation of an Allergic Immune  Response via the Mucosal Route in a Murine Model of Inhalative Type-I Allergy
Int Arch Allergy Immunol 118:129-132

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