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Crustacea / Mollusks    [top]
Egg / Milk    [top]
  • Guermonprez P, Lo-Man R, Sedlik C, Rojas MJ, Poljak RJ, Leclerc C (1999) mAb against hen egg-white lysozyme regulate its presentation to CD4+ T cells Int Immunol 11:1863-72
  • Juvonen P, Månsson M, Kjellman NIM, Björkstén B, Jakobsson I (1999) Development of immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin E antibodies to cow’s milk proteins and ovalbumin after a temporary neonatal exposure to hydrolyzed and whole cow’s milk proteins Pediatr Allergy Immunol 10:191-8
  • McFarland BJ, Sant AJ, Lybrand TP, Beeson C (1999) Ovalbumin(323-339) Peptide Binds to the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II I-Ad Protein Using Two Functionally Distinct Registers Biochemistry (Internet Nov 24:
  • Österlund P, Järvinen KM, Laine S, Suomalainen H (1999) Defective tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in infants with cow’s milk allergy Pediatr Allergy Immunol 10:186-90
  • Saarinen KM, Vaarala O, Klemetti P, Savilahti E (1999) Transforming growth factor-{beta}1 in mothers’ colostrum and immune responses to cows’ milk proteins in infants with cows’ milk allergy J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1093-8
  • Urisu A, Yamada K, Tokuda R, Ando H, Wada E, Kondo, Y, Morita Y (1999) Clinical Significance of IgE-Binding Activity to Enzymatic Digests of Ovomucoid in the Diagnosis and the Prediction of the Outgrowing of Egg White Hypersensitivity Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(3):192-8
  • Vaswani SK, Sampson HA, Chang BW, Hamilton RG (1999) Adult- onset sensitization to casein after occupational exposure to aerosolized Tryptone powder J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1108
Epidermals / Animal Proteins   [top]
  • Roost HP, Künzli N, Schindler C, Jarvis D, Chinn S, Perruchoud AP, Ackermann-Liebrich U, Burney P, Wüthrich B (1999) Role of current and childhood exposure to cat and atopic sensitization J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:941-7
Fish / Fowl / Meat   [top]
  • Asero R, Mistrello G, Roncarolo D, Casarini M, Falagiani P (1999) True monosensitivity to a tropical sole Allergy 54:1228-9
House Dust / Mites   [top]
  • Chew FT, Lim SH, Goh DYT, Lee BW (1999) Sensitization to local dust- mite fauna in Singapore Allergy 54:1150-9
  • Epton MJ, Dilworth RJ, Smith W, Hart BJ, Thomas WR (1999) High- Molecular Weight Allergens of the House Dust Mite. An Apolipophorin-Like cDNA has Sequence Identity with the Major M-177 Allergen and the IgE-Binding Peptide Fragments Mag 1 and Mag 3 Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(3):185-91
  • Fahlbusch B, Jäger L, Heinrich J, Grob I, Wichmann HE, Richter K (1999) Allergens in house-dust samples in Germany: results of an East- West German comparison Allergy 54:1215-22
  • Friedmann PS (1999) Dust mite avoidance in atopic dermatitis Clin Exp Dermatol 24:433-7
  • Furmonaviciene R, Tighe PJ, Clark MR, Sewell HF, Shakib F (1999) The use of phage-peptide libraries to define the epitope specificity of a mouse monoclonal anti-Der p 1 antibody representative of a major component of the human immunoglobulin E anti-Der p 1 response Clin Exp Allergy 29:1563-71
Insects / Venoms   [top]
Mushroom / Mould / Microflora / Yeast / Parasites   [top]
  • Dharmage S, Bailey M, Raven J, Mitakakis T, Thien F, Forbes A, Guest D, Abramson M, Walters EH (1999) Prevalence and residential determinants of fungi within homes in Melbourne, Australia Clin Exp Allergy 29:1481-9
  • Kimura S, Takagi Y, Gomi K (1999) IgE response to Anisakis compared to seafood Allergy 54:1225-6
  • Komase Y, Ito S, Kobayashi M, Nakagawa T (1999) A case of anaphylactoid reaction due to Matsutake mushroom (Tricoloma matsutake) ingestion Allergol Int 48:297-302
Fruit / Vegetables / Latex   [top]
  • Bircher AJ, Bigliardi P, Yilmaz B (1999) Anaphylaxis resulting from selective sensitization to Americana grapes J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1111
  • Henzgen M, Rudeschko O, Schlenvoigt G, Herrmann D, Frank E (1999) Immunological parameters of apple allergy during hyposensitisation with birch pollen Allergologie 22:655-64 (in German)
  • Merrett TG, Merret J, Kekwick R (1999) The prevalence of immunoglobulin E antibodies to the proteins of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) latex and grass (Phleum pratense) pollen in sera of British blood donors Clin Exp Allergy 29:1572-8
  • Pastorello EA, Pravettoni V, Farioli L, Ispano M, Fortunato D, Monza M, Giuffrida MG, Rivolta F, Scibola E, Ansaloni R, Incorvaia C, Conti A, Ortolani C (1999) Clinical role of a lipid transfer protein that acts as a new apple- specific allergen J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1099-1106
  • Tücke J, Posch A, Baur X, Rieger C, Raulf-Heimsoth M (1999) Latex type I sensitization and allergy in children with atopic dermatitis. Evaluation of cross-reactivity to some foods Pediatr Allergy Immunol 10:160-7
  • Wagner B, Krebitz M, Buck D, Niggemann B, Yeang HY, Han KH, Scheiner O, Breiteneder H (1999) Cloning, expression, and characterization of recombinant Hev b 3, a Hevea brasiliensis protein associated with latex allergy in patients with spina bifida J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1084-92
Grains / Grass Pollen / Tree Pollen   [top]
  • Brand U, Bellinghausen I, Enk AH, Jonuleit H, Becker D, Knop J, Saloga J (1999) Allergen- specific immune deviation from a TH2 to a TH1 response induced by dendritic cells and collagen type I J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1052-9
  • Durham SR, Varney VA, Gaga M, Jacobson MR, Varga EM, Frew AJ, Kay AB (1999) Grass pollen immunotherapy decreases the number of mast cells in the skin Clin Exp Allergy 29:1490-6
  • Fanta C, Bohle B, Hirt W, Siemann U, Horak F, Kraft D, Ebner H, Ebner C (1999) Systemic Immunological Changes Induced by Administration of Grass Pollen Allergens via the Oral Mucosa during Sublingual Immunotherapy Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(3):218-24
  • Heiss S, Mahler V, Steiner R, Spitzauer S, Schweiger C, Kraft D, Valenta R (1999) Component- resolved diagnosis (CRD) of type I allergy with recombinant grass and tree pollen allergens by skin testing J Invest Dermatol 113(5):830-7 
  • Jahn-Schmid B, Wiedermann U, Bohle B, Repa A, Kraft D, Ebner C (1999)Oligodeoxynucleotides containing CpG motifs modulate the allergic TH2 response of BALB/c mice to Bet v 1, the major birch pollen allergen J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1015-23
  • Karamloo F, Schmitz N, Scheurer S, Foetisch K, Hoffmann A, Haustein D, Vieths S (1999) Molecular cloning and characterization of a birch pollen minor allergen, Bet v 5, belonging to a family of isoflavone reductase- related proteins J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:991-9
  • Passalacqua G, Albano M, Riccio A, Fregonese L, Puccinelli P, Parmiani S, Canonica GW (1999) Clinical and immunologic effects of a rush sublingual immunotherapy to Parietaria species: A double- blind, placebo- controlled trial J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:964-8
  • Suck R (1999) Rapid and efficient purification of PHleum pratense major allergens Ph1 p 1 and group Ph1 p2/3 using a two step procedure J Immunological Methods 229:73-80
  • van Hage-Hamsten M, Kronqvist M, Zetterström O, Johansson E, Niederberger V, Vrtala S, Grönlund H, Grönneberg R, Valenta R (1999) Skin test evaluation of genetically engineered hypoallergenic derivatives of the major birch pollen allergen, Bet v 1: Results obtained with a mix of two recombinant Bet v 1 fragments and recombinant Bet v 1 trimer in a Swedish population before the birch pollen season J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:969-77
  • Vrtala S, Fischer S, Grote M, Vangelista L, Pastore A, Sperr WR, Valent P, Reichelt R, Kraft D, Valenta R (1999) Molecular, immunological, and structural characterization of phl p 6, a major allergen and P-particle- associated protein from timothy grass (Phleum pratense) pollen J Immunol 163(10):5489-96 
Legumes / Seeds / Nuts   [top]
  • Chung SY, Champagne ET (1999) Allergenicity of Maillard Reaction Products from Peanut Proteins J Agric Food Chem (Internet Nov 20: )
  • Ibáñez Sandín D, Martínez San Ireneo M, Alonso Lebrero E, Laso Borrego T, Marañón Lizana F, Fernández-Caldas E (1999) Specific IgE determinations to crude and boiled lentil (Lens culinaris) extracts in lentil-sensitive children and controls Allergy 54:1209-14
  • Murphy DJ (1999) Is rapeseed really an allergenic plant? Popular myths versus scientific realities [Viewpoint] Immunol Today 20(11):511-4
Spice   [top]
Chemicals / Drugs / Food Additives / Environmental Contaminants   [top]
  • Asero R (1999) Chronic generalized pruritus caused by nitrate intolerance J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1110
  • Brockow K, Becker EW, Worret WI, Ring J (1999) Late skin test reactions to radiocontrast medium J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1007
  • Del Pozo MD, Blasco A, Lobera T (1999) Tetrazepam allergy Allergy 54:1226-7
  • Gonzalo MA, Alcalde MM, García JM, Alvarado MI, Fernández L (1999) Desensitization after fever induced by mesalazine Allergy 54:1224-5
  • Mooser G, Gall H, Weber L, Peter RU (1999) Drug eruption with delayed-type allergy to clindamycin Allergologie 22:672-4 (in German)
  • Orasch CE, Helbling A, Zanni MP, Yawalkar N, Hari Y, Pichler WJ (1999) T-cell reaction to local anaesthetics: relationship to angioedema and urticaria after subcutaneous application - patch testing and LTT in patients with adverse reaction to local anaesthetics Clin Exp Allergy 29:1549-54
  • Rieger-Ziegler V, Kränke B, Aberer W (1999) Comparison of validity of in-vitro testing, skin test and oral provocation in patients with hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid Allergologie 22:645-9 (in German)
  • Romano A, Quaratino D, Venemalm L, Torres MJ, Venuti A, Blanca M (1999)A case of IgE-mediated hypersensitivity to ceftriaxone J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1113
  • Trindade-Porto C, Alonso-Llamazares A, Robledo T, Chamorro M, Dominguez J, Plaza A, Martinez-Cócera C (1999) Fluorescein- induced adverse reaction Allergy 54:1230
  • Yokoyama A, Kohno N, Sakai K, Katayama H, Irifune K, Kondo K, Hirasawa Y,Hiwada K (1999) Detection of serum IgE antibody directed to aminothiazole using immobilized cephalosporins without protein conjugation Allergol Int 48:303-8
General Topics / Other   [top]
  • Benson M, Strannegård IL, Wennergren G, Strannegård Ö (1999) Interleukin-5 and interleukin-8 in relation to eosinophils and neutrophils in nasal fluids from school children with seasonal allergic rhinitis Pediatr Allergy Immunol 10:175-85 
  • Brand U, Bellinghausen I, Enk AH, Jonuleit H, Becker D, Knop J, Saloga J (1999) Allergen- specific immune deviation from a TH2 to a TH1 response induced by dendritic cells and collagen type I J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1052-9
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