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Crustacea / Mollusks    [top]
Egg / Milk    [top]
  • Asero R, Mistrello G, Roncarolo D (1999) Unusual egg allergy in an adult Allergy 54:1335-6
  • Heinzmann A, Blattmann S, Spuergin P, Forster J, Deichmann KA (1999)The Recognition Pattern of Sequential B Cell Epitopes of Beta-Lactoglobulin Does Not Vary with the Clinical Manifestations of Cow’s Milk Allergy Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120:280-6
  • Miller K, Meredith C, Selo I, Wal JM (1999) Allergy to bovine  {beta}- lactoglobulin: specificity of immunoglobulin E generated in the Brown Norway rat  to tryptic and synthetic peptides Clin Exp Allergy 29:1696-704
  • Nilsson C, Öman H, Halldén G, Lilja G, Lundberg M, Härfast B (1999) A case of allergy to cow's milk hydrolysate Allergy 54:1322-6
Epidermals / Animal Proteins   [top]
  • van Ree R, van Leeuwen WA, Bulder I, Bond J, Aalberse RC (1999) Purified natural and recombinant Fel d 1 and cat albumin in in vitro diagnostics for cat allergy J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1223-30
Fish / Fowl / Meat   [top]
House Dust / Mites   [top]
  • Hirschberg S, Layton GT, Harris SJ, Savage N, Dallman MJ, Lamb JR (1999) CD4+ T cells induced by virus- like particles expressing a major T cell epitope down- regulate IL-5 production in an ongoing immune response to Der p 1 independently of IFN-{gamma} production Int Immunol 11:1927-34
  • Kim YK, Lee MH, Jee YK, Hong SC, Bae JM, Chang YS, Jung JW, Lee BJ, Son JW, Cho SH, Min KU, Kim YY (1999) Spider mite allergy in apple-cultivating farmers: European red mite (Panonychus ulmi) and two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) may be important allergens in the development of work-related asthma and rhinitis symptoms J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1285-92
  • Thomas WR, Smith W (1999) Towards defining the full spectrum of important house dust mite allergens [editorial] Clin Exp Allergy 29:1583-7
  • Tsai LC, Sun YC, Chao PL, Ng HP, Hung MW, Hsieh KH, Liaw SH, Chua KY (1999) Sequence analysis and expression of a cDNA clone encoding a 98-kDa allergen in Dermatophagoides farinae Clin Exp Allergy 29:1606-13
Insects / Venoms   [top]
  • Confino-Cohen R, Melamed S, Goldberg A (1999) Debilitating beliefs, emotional distress and quality of life in patients given immunotherapy for insect sting allergy Clin Exp Allergy 29:1626-31
Mushroom / Mould / Microflora / Yeast / Parasites   [top]
  • Eppinger TM, Greenberger PA, White DA, Brown AE, Cunningham-Rundles C (1999) Sensitization to Aspergillus species in the congenital neutrophil disorders chronic granulomatous disease and hyper-IgE syndrome J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1265-72
  • Sarma PU (1999) Expression of an epitopic region of asp F1, an allergen \ antigen \ cytotoxin of A.fumigatus Immunol Letters 70:151-5
  • Scalabrin DMF, Bavbek S, Perzanowski MS, Wilson BB, Platts-Mills TAE, Wheatley LM (1999) Use of specific IgE in assessing the relevance of fungal and dust mite allergens to atopic dermatitis: A comparison with asthmatic and nonasthmatic control subjects J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1273-9
  • Wigger-Alberti W, Bauer A, Hipler UC, Elsner P (1999) Anaphylaxis due to monascus purpureus-fermented rice (red yeast rice) Allergy 54:1330-1
Fruit / Vegetables / Latex   [top]
  • Brenna O, Pompei C, Ortolani C, Pravettoni V, Farioli L, Pastorello EA (1999) Technological Processes To Decrease the Allergenicity of Peach Juice and Nectar J Agric Food Chem ASAP Article
  • Johnson BD, Kurup VP, Sussman GL, Arif SAM, Kelly KJ, Beezhold DH, Fink JN (1999) Purified and Recombinant Latex Proteins Stimulate Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Latex Allergic Patients Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(4):270-9
  • Kwaasi AAA, Harfi HA, Parhar RS, Al-Sedairy ST, Collison KS, Panzani RC, Al-Mohanna FA (1999) Allergy to date Fruits: characterisation of antigens and allergens of fruits of the Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)Allergy 54:1270-7
  • Ricci G, Gentili A, Di Lorenzo F, Righetti F, Pigna A, Masi M, De Castro R (1999) Latex allergy in subjects who had undergone multiple surgical procedures for bladder exstrophy: relationship with clinical intervention and atopic diseases BJU Int 84(9):1058-62
  • Sowka S, Hafner C, Radauer C, Focke M, Brehler R, Astwood JD, Arif SAM, Kanani A, Sussman GL, Scheiner O, Beezhold DH, Breiteneder H (1999) Molecular and immunologic characterization of new isoforms of the Hevea brasiliensis latex allergen Hev b 7: Evidence of no cross-reactivity between Hev b 7 isoforms and potato patatin and proteins from avocado and banana J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1302-10
  • Wrangsjö K, Lundberg M, Meding B, Åhman M, Karlberg AT, van Hage-Hamsten M (1999) Cross- reacting allergens in natural rubber latex and jelutong Allergy 54:1331-2
Grains / Grass Pollen / Tree Pollen   [top]
  • Arquint O, Helbling A, Crameri R, Ferreira F, Breitenbach M, Pichler WJ (1999) Reduced in vivo allergenicity of Bet v 1d isoform, a natural component of birch pollen J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1239-43
  • Grote M, Hayek B, Reichelt R, Kraft D, Valenta R (1999) Immunogold Electron Microscopic Localization of the Cross- Reactive Two- EF- Hand Calcium- Binding Birch Pollen Allergen Bet v 4 in Dry and Rehydrated Birch Pollen Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(4):287-94
  • Kohama Y, Akizuki O, Hagihara K, Yamada E, Yamamoto H (1999) Immunostimulatory oligodeoxynucleotide induces T H1 immune response and inhibition of IgE antibody production to cedar pollen allergens in mice J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1231-8
  • Lähteenoja H, Toivanen A, Räihä I, Syrjänen S, Viander M (1999) Salivary Antigliadin and Antiendomysium Antibodies in Coeliac Disease Scand J Immunol 50:528-36
  • Sakaguchi M, Kobayashi C, Inouye S, Konaka A, Yamada T, Nigi H (1999) Sensitization to grass, ragweed, mugwort pollen allergens in Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata): preliminary report Clin Exp Allergy 29:1692-5
  • Siebold D, Roth V, Jung EG, Bayerl C (1999) Nutritive type I sensitization to buckwheat Allergo J 8:365-7 (in German)
  • Suphioglu C (1999) Molecular cloning, expression and immunolgical charaterisation of Lol p 5C, a novel allergen isoform of rye grass pollen demonstrating high IgE reactivity FEBS Letters 462:435-41
  • Steerenberg PA, Dormans JA, van Doorn CC, Middendorp S, Vos JG, van Loveren H (1999) A Pollen Model in the Rat for Testing Adjuvant Activity of Air Pollution Components Inhal Toxicol 11(12):1109-22
  • Würtzen PA, Bufe A, Wissenbach M, Madsen HO, Ipsen H, Arnved J, Van Neerven RJJ (1999) Identification of isoform-specific T-cell epitopes in the major timothy grass pollen allergen, Ph1 p 5 Clin Exp Allergy 29:1614-25
Legumes / Seeds / Nuts   [top]
  • Rihs HP, Chen Z, Rueff F, Petersen A, Royznek R, Heimann H, Baur X (1999) IgE binding of the recombinant allergen soybean profilin (rGly m 3) is mediated by conformational epitopes J Allergy Clin Immunol 1293-301
  • Teuber SS, Jarvis KC, Dandekar AM, Peterson WR, Ansari AA (1999) Identification and cloning of a complementary DNA encoding a vicilin- like proprotein, Jug r 2, from English walnut kernel (Juglans regia), a major food allergen J Allergy Clin Immunol 104:1311-20
Spice   [top]
Chemicals / Drugs / Food Additives / Environmental Contaminants   [top]
  • Altenkirch H (1999) Multiple chemical sensitivity: neurological and neurotoxicological aspects Allergologie 22:709-18 (in German)
  • Baur X, Schneider EM, Wieners D, Czuppon AB (1999) Occupational asthma to perfumes Allergy 54:1334-5
  • Iemoli E, Vivirito MC, Coen M, Faggion I, Quirino T (1999) Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome due to carbamazepine Allergy 54:1329-30
  • Kanerva L, Alanko K, Estlander T (1999) Allergic contact gingivostomatitis from a temporary crown made of methacrylates and epoxy diacrylates Allergy 54:1316-21
  • Kiesswetter E, Sietmann B, Zupanic M, van Thriel C, Golka K, Seeber A (1999) Neurobehavioral aspects of the prevalence and etiology of "multiple chemical sensitivity"Allergologie 22:719-35 (in German)
  • Maschewsky W (1999) MCS - chemophobia or chemical trauma? Allergologie 22:699-708 (in German)
  • Nix WA (1999) The impact of multiple chemical sensitivities and of other environmental associated disorders - fatigued and hypersensitive Allergologie 22:736-43 (in German)
  • Scheinman PL (1999) The foul side of fragrance- free products: What every clinician should know about managing patients with fragrance allergy J Am Acad Dermatol 41(6):1020-4 
  • Voack C, Borelli S, Rakoski J, Herschbach P, Ring J (1999) The "Eco-Syndrome": Allergological and environmental-medical management Allergologie 22:744-60 (in German)
General Topics / Other   [top]
  • Larche M (1999) Allergen isoforms for immunotherapy: diversity, degeneracy and promiscuity [editorial] Clin Exp Allergy 29:1588-90
  • Lenfant C, Taggart VS (1999) National Asthma Education and Prevention Program: Expert Panel Report 2. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma: Translating research for clinicians and patients Allergol Int 48:223-30 
  • McSorley SJ, Garside P (1999) Vaccination by inducing oral tolerance? [Viewpoint] Immunol Today 20:555-60
  • Nagata S, Irie M, Mishima N (1999) Stress and asthma [review] Allergol Int 48:231-8
  • Nasu J, Mizuno M, Uesu T, Inaba T, Shimo K, Yoshioka M, Hirai M, Matsuoka Y, Okada H, Tsuji T (1999) Increased incidence of allergic disorders and elevated food- specific serum IgG4 levels in Japanese patients with Crohn’s disease Allergol Int 48:247-52
  • Parronchi P, Brugnolo F, Annunziato F, Manuelli C, Sampognaro S, Mavilia C, Romagnani S, Maggi E (1999) Phosphorothioate Oligodeoxynucleotides Promote the In Vitro Development of Human Allergen- Specific CD4+ T Cells into Th1 Effectors J Immunol 163:5946-53
  • Spitzauer S (1999) Allergy to Mammalian Proteins: At the Borderline between Foreign and Self? [review] Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(4):259-69
  • Bostanci I, Türktas I, Türkyilmaz C (1999) Sensitization to aeroallergens in children with respiratory symptoms in Ankara Allergy 54:1332-4
  • Virtanen T, Zeiler T, Mäntyjärvi R (1999) Important Animal Allergens Are Lipocalin Proteins: Why Are They Allergenic? [review]Int Arch Allergy Immunol 120(4):247-58
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