Internet Symposium on Food Allergens 4(2): 111-18  (2002) [PDF-file]

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What about the Allergenicity of Vegetable Oils?

S. Frémont, Y. Errahali, M. Bignol, I. Montagnon, M. Metche, J.P. Nicolas

Laboratory of Medical and Pediatric Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University Nancy I, France
Cases of allergy to peanut, sunflower seed, soybean and sesame seed oils have been reported in the literature, although some authors have claimed that these oils are not allergenic. 
The aim of this article is to review this subject, to describe the processing methods to which the seeds are subjected during the extraction of their oil, to recall that oils do not consist solely of triglycerides and to describe the findings of our studies. 
The allergenicity of oils is a frequent subject of controversy and the bibliography constantly produces contradictory examples. This can be explained by the variability of the processes used in industry, and by the conditions under which proteins are extracted in the laboratory.

edible oils
allergen content
protein content

[Introduction] [Specific Oils] [Peanut Oil] [Sunflower Seed Oil] [Soybean Oil] [Sesame Seed Oil] [Conclusions] [References] [Abbreviations]

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